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Ro-Ro + Container20yd Short





  30 yd smoothline / 35 yd in operation / 16ft long 20yd container

Skip Units, Randalls Fabrications & Castle Containers manufactures a multitude of different capacities, lengths and heights of open Ro-Ro containers to meet the specific needs of our customers. Specifications for containers vary dependent on use, from light weight 3 upright containers for collection of paper and cardboard, to heavy duty 11 upright containers for scrap metal, sand and gravel. Containers are manufactured for all major types of hook, cable and chain lifting equipment. Capacities from 6 to 50 cubic metres (8 to 65 cubic yards) are available. The SKIP UNITS safety locking gear is available on these containers


smoothy.bmp (6030006 bytes)

The SMOOTHLINER compliments the OCTOPAK compaction and the SUPERBANK recycling units, giving a smooth flat sided container for that extra corporate impact when seen on the highway and at those prestigious accounts.

Key Benefits

  • Large uninterrupted area to display your corporate identity
  • No uprights make it easier to keep clean.
  • Heavy duty top rail reduces loading damage



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